Afternoon brooding from the back stoop.

Taking stock 003

Added on by Amanda Gonzalez.

Reading: about home-steading. I think this is my thing.

Wanting: this 'flu to go away.

Looking: forward to our Melbourne trip.

Playing: Uno. Tuesday night championship winner takes it all.

Deciding: on whether I should really start another crochet project. And knowing full well I will.

Wishing: for good sleep.

Enjoying: watching the chickens! Say hello to Sage, Olive, Hyacinth, Lavender and Juniper.

Waiting: for a dry enough spell so the sopping washing gets a chance to dry.

Liking: the deliciousness of diving under the doona after a hot shower.

Wondering: about a career as a crazy chicken lady.

Loving: our Last Thursday craft group. Such a beautiful group of people.

Pondering: about life on a commune. Or a kibbutz.

Considering: all the different ways to poach an egg.

Buying: Bee Eco Wraps. (Thank you, Brooke McAlary, for the prompt!)

Watching: Rake. Wentworth. The Good Wife.

Hoping: for smooth sailing.

Marvelling: at the chickens. They really are so fascinating. Did you know that you can tell what colour a hen’s eggs are by the colour of her earlobes? And did you know that at the first sign of the sun going down, they pack up and put themselves to bed? KIDS, TAKE NOTE.

Cringing: at bad manners.

Needing: to finish sewing an apron for Laura, the latest addition to our gang!

Questioning: Pepe Tomate and how completely bonkers cats are. And how we'd have it no other way. Unless you're a dog person.

Smelling: the rain.

Wearing: the double pompom hair-do.

Following: a whole bunch of new, interesting people on Instagram.

Noticing: the difference when I focus on the good parts of the day, rather than the bad.

Knowing: I can do it.

Thinking: way too much in the middle of the night. But knowing sometimes this is the best type of thinking.

Admiring: Lex’s poker face at Uno. The boy has skillz.

Sorting: through endless laundry.

Getting: sorted, in advance, for the council clean-up. Finally, I remembered to check the date and plan in advance.

Bookmarking: an article about a car-free German neighbourhood.

Coveting: a craft room.

Disliking: how fast the rest days fly by.

Opening: my heart to new friends.

Giggling: at Passenger Shaming. Actually, make that raucous laughing. Some of these pics are so unbelievable, they have to be real.

Feeling: tired.

Snacking: on filter coffee. I’m making it a thing.

Helping: the boy choose a book from the Scholastic Book Club catalog. (Remember?!)

Hearing: the disquiet.

Learning: about eggs.

The end.