Afternoon brooding from the back stoop.

Taking stock 002

Added on by Amanda Gonzalez.

I've a sudden desire to write. Without a filter. Without deliberation. I just need to let the words tumble out. I hope this is OK.

Reading: too many cookbooks.

Wanting: a foot massage.

Looking: forward to winter.

Playing: Flight Facilities decade mix: '82 to '92. I dare you not to dance.

Deciding: on whether I should stick the washing on.

Wishing: for good sleep.

Enjoying: loads of coffee.

Waiting: for my shoes to arrive in the post!

Liking: the afternoon light at this time of year.

Wondering: if I can find a clean pair of socks.

Loving: the anticipation of the arrival of our chickens! Within the month, we'll have the girls running around the yard and delicious eggs to use and sell in the shop.

Pondering: artificial intelligence after reading this article: The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence. Why do we not know more about this?

Considering: the best way to set up my recipe journal. There are only so many squiggles you can keep a track of on the back of brown paper bags. And any excuse for a jaunt to Officeworks.

Buying: a commercial mixer for the shop. I'm breaking up with my hand mixer. It's not me, it's you.

Watching: Janet King. American Crime Story. Married at First Sight. Don't judge me.

Hoping: my feet will feel OK in the morning. They are forever sore from standing long hours in the shop.

Marvelling: at my puffy crumpet batter. It worked... the third time.

Cringing: when someone tosses money on the bench when I'm on the till, rather than handing it to me.

Needing: to sort through the paperwork towers.

Questioning: Christianity.

Smelling: filter coffee.

Wearing: a stripey black and white dress.

Following: the cat around so he doesn't scratch the new sofas.

Noticing: he's managed to do it anyway, despite building him a lovely witch's hat scratching post.

Knowing: there's not much I can do about it. Le sigh.

Thinking: about press studs and if they're easy to put in.

Admiring: our indoor plants.

Sorting: yarn for craft group tomorrow night.

Getting: carried away thinking about hens' names.

Bookmarking: recipes. And how to take care of hens. Not related.

Coveting: outdoor fairy lights. That actually work for longer than two months.

Disliking: businesses that copy other businesses.

Opening: too many tabs.

Giggling: at how high the boy always pulls up his pants.

Feeling: overwhelmed.

Snacking: on crumpets.

Helping: the boy learn to weave.

Hearing: the toot of the Dangar Island ferry.

Learning: as much as I can about jam and marmalade.

That feels better! Even just reading it back, I feel a little less overwhelm and a little more order. Thanks for letting me bend yer ear.