Faith. It's a sensitive—and by nature, an offensive—topic. It's confusing and exciting and terrifying all at once, creating a jumble of often contradictory, non-sensical thoughts.

The best way I know how to clarify my thoughts is to journal privately. But this is something I can no longer keep private. I need to share my path with you, no matter how vulnerable it makes me feel. Because I know I'm not the only one who often has questions that are taboo, or that feel combative, or 'stupid'.

So to do this, And then Amanda is a safe space for expression. For me and for you. This doesn't mean that we can't disagree, or question each other, or show emotion. But we must, however do this in a respectful manner.

Comments that are disrespectful, inflammatory or insulting will be deleted.

If you are not interested in genuinely exploring what it means to be a Christian, then this site is not a good fit for you. I get it, I do (it took me 36 years to become a Christian). You may prefer to check out this clip of a little girl stealing food from a pigeon. I want to be her.