Afternoon brooding from the back stoop.

Who is this for?

People who have come into Christianity as adults. 

People who need a safe place to read about ideas that aren't easy to talk about

People who might not have Christians to talk to you

I lived as an agnostic adult for almost two decades. Naturally, this means I formed (often strong) opinions that did not align themselves with Christian beliefs. But what happens to these opinions once you become a Christian? In my case, I couldn't just let these ideas go because I had become a Christian: they formed a part of my identity. What are you supposed to do with this?!

Why the name And then Amanda?


What sort of topics will you cover?

Topics that come up for me as a new Christian. Bridging the gap between being an agnostic and a Christian. There is no coursework, or set formula. This is most likely not the way your brain works to figure this out. But I'm hoping that by sharing my own path, you might get closer to Jesus.

Who is this site for?

Who it's not for.



These are topics that are often difficult to express clearly. They're the biggies. The ones I like - no, need - to sleep on. So this isn't about keeping to a posting schedule because it's what will make my blog successful. Or to get more readers. Some months will be more prolific than others, and that's OK. This is one person's journey. Sometimes there will be a lot to say. Other times, there will be a lot to contemplate. This isn't about making money, or finding sponsors, or increasing readership numbers. This is a true journal.


Why even have this when there's so many resources already available?

There are loads of resources. 

But there are some things that you might be thinking about that you're afraid to share, for fear of being judged. Or because you think it sounds a bit out there. Or not what 'normal' Christians think about. Like, I am obsessed with true crime everything: podcasts, books and docuseries. But am I indulging in evil?

Does going to my gay friend's wedding mean I am supporting something that I shouldn't be? If my friend has decided to get an abortion and needs someone to drive her, should I not?



Comments policy

If you are not interested in genuinely exploring what it means to be a Christian, this site is not a good fit for you.

This is a safe place to express ourselves: to help us make sense of our often non-sensical thoughts. This doesn't mean that we can't disagree, or question, or show emotion. But we must, however do this in a respectful manner.

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