Amanda González Rodríguez.

I thought I'd share some personal things about myself, to help us relate to each other. The standard bits:

I live in Sydney, Australia | I'm married, for the second time | I have one biological son and three step daughters | I am thirty-something.

The more (hopefully!) interesting things, in random order:

I'm a sucker for a trolley.

I'm a sucker for a trolley.

I've always got library books on the go.

Can you believe that there's a place where you can take home hundreds of dollars' worth of books at a time for free? And at that same place, you can meet authors, get official documents signed, ask staff for all sorts of help, or simply hang out in the air-con? Where kids can learn to love books, adults can learn to read and write, lonely souls can make new friends and we can feel a part of a community?

A place that doesn't discriminate on income, nor ethnicity, nor faith, is one that I am privileged to have in my life.

(There's no need for me to get stroppy when I forget to return/renew on time. I always pay with pleasure. The fine is a minuscule cost compared to the sum of my benefit.)

I am left-handed.

And rather uncoordinated with my right. So I don't smudge my work or hurt my wrist, I turn my paper at a 90 degree angle: I write on a perpendicular toward myself. 

I use the mouse upside down.

As in, I swivel it around so the buttons are at the base of my palm. If I want to go right? I move the mouse left. Up? I move it down. Right click? I click left. Don't ask. (Is this too personal?)

"This quilt? Keyboard? Yarn? Bullet journal? Mine. UNDERSTAND IT." Pepe Tomate, 2018

"This quilt? Keyboard? Yarn? Bullet journal? Mine. UNDERSTAND IT." Pepe Tomate, 2018

We have a cat called Pepe Tomate.

He is always disgusted with us. He sits in the most inconvenient of places and he is obsessed with popcorn. He is scared of his own shadow and even more scared of the great outdoors. I don't understand this cat but he is wonderful company.

Our fluffy ladies hunting creeping things in our garden.

Our fluffy ladies hunting creeping things in our garden.

And we have five chickens.

Enter stage left Olive, Lavender, Saffron, Lilou and Sandwich. Olive lays blue eggs and sounds like an Atari video game, and Sandwich shrieks when she sees our curtains ruffle.

They keep us well stocked with the dreamiest of eggs, thanks to their lifestyle. If only all chooks were this lucky, hey?

Spanish is my first language.

I started speaking English when I started school. I speak English with an Australian accent and Espanish as a madrileña.

If you ever meet my mother, ask her to say 'sheets'.



I need to cook.

Not because I love cooking, but because I love to feed people. If I can make someone feel good about themselves through food, the dishes are worth it. (Although I'll never say no if you want to help!)

I tend to cook Spanish and Middle Eastern food most, but I'll give anything a go. We make things like yoghurt, mustard, corned beef and ice cream.

Right now I'm working on my dough skillz.

So I owned and ran a cafe for four years.

I've never worked harder, nor been poorer. But my word, did I get to meet some characters, many of whom turned into friends.

I am working hard on catching up on lost sleep, but Netflix gets in my way.

My coffee enabler.

My coffee enabler.

I could listen to '80s music all day.

And I listen to my playlists on repeat. A lot. You know you want to listen to it. You're welcome.

I floss all. day. long.

I have little floss dispensers stashed everywhere. I get the twitches if I don't have a dispenser within three metres of my being at all times.

Coffee is my poison of choice.

Filter coffee, to be precise. My husband Lincoln makes me a big batch every morning and brings it to me in bed. (I've no idea what I've done to deserve this but I'm shutting my mouth and going with it.) I rarely drink alcohol but if I fancy a tipple, I'm partial to a quality gin and tonic.

Surprise embroidery on Lincoln's jeans.

Surprise embroidery on Lincoln's jeans.

Craft is a huge part of my life.

Working with my hands grounds me. I generally craft at the end of the day when I'm draped over Lincoln on the lounge, one eye on my work and the other on Netflix. I knit. I crochet. I quilt by hand. I dabble in embroidery and weaving. Basically, if it doesn't require the sewing machine, I'm in.

My bullet journal is also another huge part of my life.

I was forever jotting notes on random bits of paper and losing said bits just as quickly. Not anymore. My bujo is the calm and coherent part of my brain.

(If you're curious, go straight to the source before you search #bujo on Insta. You can thank me later.)

I should stop now.

I want you to feel like we can be friends, not have you run for the hills.


PS And then Amanda on Instagram is a good place to get to know each other, if you want to! It also gives me a chance to peek at you.