Quilting and yarn shops in New South Wales, Canberra and Victoria: A map

Close-up of a printed map

Whenever we're going somewhere new, the first thing I do is look up quilting and yarn shops that are on the way and in the new area.

I don't think this is particular to me, mind. But I was forever looking up (and re-looking up) places, and there had to be a better way.

Rather than have them all jotted down in my journal, I thought I'd plonk them all into a shared Google map. This has also helped me immensely to plan the best routes and get the most out of our trips!

Who am I to keep this map to myself? The excitement and satisfaction of seeing all of these delicious shops in the one map was too much to keep contained.

How to use this map

It's more of a directory, if you will. I haven't reviewed any of the shops (and mainly because I haven't been to most of them myself): I'll leave this up to you! It's more of a starting point for you, so all you need to do is double-check trading hours.

I've also colour coded the pins into categories:


Blue: quilting
Greige: yarn
Yellow: quilting and yarn
Green: other crafty goodness (ie weaving supplies)

If you've any other stores you think should be on this map, hit me up. Also do tell me if you know if any of these stores are no longer.

Enjoy your adventures!