Taking stock: 004

Taking stock is, I think, a lovely way to document a moment in time, along with being able to share a more personal side of my life with you.

Thank you to the lovely, gentle, craft extraordinaire Pip Lincolne from Meet me at Mike’s for making Taking Stock a thing. (And for teaching me to crochet with your videos!)

I knitted my very first bottom up, seamless, yoke sweater. Styling by Mr Wooden Moose.

I knitted my very first bottom up, seamless, yoke sweater. Styling by Mr Wooden Moose.

Reading: Creature of the Word by Geiger, Patterson and Chandler. The Dry by Jane Harper (I finally got my mitts on one from the the library! They are always out or reserved). Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann. And another half a dozen novels waiting patiently in the queue which I’ll invariable have to renew, and then maybe renew again. Tell me you do this, too.

Wanting: uninterrupted sleep.

Looking: tired. And forward to FibreFest in Singleton next month. I love a crafty day trip.

Playing: Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby by Cigarettes After Sex. Music that makes me feel sad is my thing. (And it reminds me of one of my fave bands as a teen: Placebo.)

PS If listening to songs on repeat is your thing, find your song on YouTube, and then in the URL, type ‘repeat’ after the word ‘youtube’ but before the dot of ‘.com’. Like this:

Listen on repeat screenshot.JPG

And then press enter. That’s it. Your song will play over and over until someone chases you around the house.

Deciding: on whether I should rearrange the furniture in the lounge. Are you a furniture re-arranger?

Wishing: I was full of energy.

Enjoying: watching Mr bower bird and his many lady friends playing catch and kiss in our garden. They are exquisite.

Waiting: for the end of a chapter in my life.

Liking: how it feels to be writing again. Even the frustrating bits.

Wondering: in absolute disbelief, how the events explained in the Dr Death podcast could ever have happened.

Loving: my husband.

Pondering: which crafty thing to pick up next. So many WIPs and so many new things to make. I’ve just finished my first knitted jumper (using the aforementioned Knitting Without Tears)! The fit’s not quite right but I don’t mind. The fact that it’s finished and wearable is good enough for me! We’ll just skip the fact that it took me the entire winter and I now have to wait until next winter to wear it.

Considering: forgiveness. A lot.

Buying: swimmers. I found a super cute blue and white striped number with ties at the shoulders, and a low back,‘80 style. I can’t wait to feel the salty water on my skin.

New swimmers.jpg

Watching: Ozark. And Rake.

Hoping: for clarity.

Marvelling: at the sheer number of hours Pepe Tomate sleeps.

Cringing: at our obsession with property.

Needing: sleep. This is becoming a theme.

Questioning: everything. My usual.

Smelling: the jasmine. It is out of control. I feel sad that it’s only around for such a short time, but would it smell as lovely if it were in bloom all year ‘round?

Wearing: my jeans most days. Not having to decide what to wear of a morning is something I could get used to. Not that I spend much time deciding: it’s just one fewer thing to do before clattering out the door.

Following: #metoo

Noticing: the days getting longer. Spring is here. As much as I want to go swimming in the ocean, I’m not ready to let go of winter.

Knowing: that everything will be OK.

Thinking: in the dead of night. As difficult as it is to function on inadequate sleep, there is something so powerful, so intense about being awake when the the world is sleeping around you.

Admiring: the eggs from our chooks! It’ll never get old.

Sorting: through so much paperwork. I just want to torch the lot.

Getting: the hang of going to church. I don’t feel as nervous nor as anxious come Sunday mornings. I still get butterflies when I see the traffic controller but it’s much easier to push through.

Bookmarking: in the literal sense, my cook books. There are so many recipes to try, and sometimes it makes me feel overwhelmed. Does this ever happen to you?

Coveting: linen clothing.

Disliking: the state of our government.

Opening: my heart.

Giggling: at cat videos. How can you be tushy when you watch them?

Feeling: like going to Melbourne. I miss it.

Snacking: on popcorn. Do you like the unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bowl? I do. They are crunchy and salty and I get to have a great flossing sesh afterward.

Helping: Olive out of the nesting box every day. She is so broody! She flattens herself out like a pancake when she knows I’m going to pick her up. She tucks the eggs up under her wings to keep them warm and safe. It is so very cute.

Hearing: the crash of Beyblades. I do not like this sound.

Learning: as much as I can about dough. I’ve always been scared to work with it, and earlier this year, I took the plunge. I LOVE IT and it’s nowhere near as scary as I thought. So far, I’ve been making bread, crackers, sweet buns, pizza and pasta. I have a gas oven with a broken fan so it’s hard not to burn the bums of everything, but I think it’s making me think more about what I’m doing.

The end.

PS If you fancy doing your own, Pip has a Taking stock template for you to copy and paste (just scroll to the bottom of her post). Please do share it with me xo